Glitter Death was opened in 2008 by the young couple, Manuel + Rio. Until their name change in 2013, the store was previously known as Beauty is Pain Boutique. Bringing together both of their interests in fashion and music, it was a logical step to combine the two and open up the coolest store in Hollywood!

We sell new/vintage clothes, accessories, shoes, buttons, memorabilia, art, records, cds,  dvds, and many pieces from local artists and designers. 

We specialize in fun, funky, colorful, shiny, unique pieces mixed with a little bit of rock and roll! We also do a lot of styling, so if you have a certain piece or look you are going for, feel free to drop us a line and we'll go through our extensive wardrobe or keep an eye out for you! We can also do alterations and adjustments if needed.

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♥Have fun shopping with Beauty is Pain!♥